Ocean Blue Danes


Welcome to Ocean Blue Danes!

  Located in Palm Beach County, Florida

   Ocean Blue Danes believes in producing quality Great Danes where health, temperament, and conformation adheres to the guidelines set forth by the breed standard. The ultimate goal at Ocean Blue Danes is to produce healthy and happy Danes with an emphasis on correct conformation, temperament and longevity.  
  Despite having only acquired my very first "own" Dane 8 years ago, I have been around and experienced the magnificent breed since I was about 5 years old. I can't think of a better way to learn the intricate details of the breed than to have grown up with Danes. It was then that I learned the calm, caring, gentle, and intelligent nature of the Great Dane. Eventually, I was able to identify the characteristic conformation, habits, traits, nutritional requirements and other details associated with the breed. It is the ability to recognize these features that gives someone the ability to breed at the level and quality I have grown to expect. These are not things that a person easily recognizes when first introduced to a new breed. Rather, it is something that can only come with time, experience, and exposure to the breed.

   My experience in the showing/breeding realm of the Dane world began as a teenager. It was around this time that my mother purchased her first two show dogs, a fawn and a brindle. We were very excited to welcome our "show girls" to the family and immediately started training for the show ring.

         Cheyenne and Lacy with myself (left) and sister (right) in the mountains of North Idaho, mid-1990s.
My sisters and I in the kennel with Cheyenne (almost buried) and Lacy.  

  It was around 1995 that my mom decided to start showing her girls. I sat ringside at every show and watched her handle her dogs. Sometimes they placed and sometimes they didn't. It was just so fun to go and see all the other dogs that that alone was enough. It was not long before she got the brilliant idea to enter me in Junior Showmanship classes. We went to as many of the local dog shows we could get to and even traveled to some as well. It was a lot of fun.

  In 1996 we saw BIS CH Travis Lincoln at one of the dog shows and instantly fell in love! This boy was absolutely stunning and was so approachable and sweet! Very nice temperament. After lots of research my mom contacted his owner, long-time Great Dane breeder/handler/judge Clare Lincoln of Lincoln Danes and inquired about stud service. We drove out to her kennels and met some amazing dogs while mom talked pedigrees and stud contracts with Clare. Cheyenne was bred to Travis at her next heat and our world of Dane puppies officially began!


Champion Travis Lincoln. Photo credit http://www.rojongreatdanes.com/

   I remember mom video-taping puppies from the Travis x Cheyenne breeding and the phone conversations with Clare Lincoln critiquing every single aspect and detail of each and every pup. Mom used Clare's suggestions to determine which pups showed potential for the show ring and which were to be sold strictly as pets. We did keep a female from that litter (Esther) who went on to produce her own amazing babies. Mom also acquired some blacks and harlequins with hopes of breaking into the harl family of color. This was before the coat color genetics of the harl family were well known and established and producing harlequins proved quite difficult.
  Eventually, the short lifespans of the Dane breed took its toll on mom. Even though we had several that lived well into their teens, it was always so hard to lose one of our beloved Danes. After many years of breeding and showing, mom stopped keeping any puppies for future generations. When the lives of our last few Danes gradually ended - so did mom's involvement in the breed.  Soon after mom's retirement from the breed, I  took off for college and pursued other interests.
  Now that I have graduated college and settled down in my native South Florida, my childhood/teenage interest and involvement in the Great Dane has been re-kindled. It happened in a single moment, when I stumbled across a giant black Dane at a friend's house. When I left that day I could not stop thinking about that dog. It had been a few years since I had last seen a Dane, probably when our last had passed away. Days later, I knew there was no getting around it - and I started looking for my first, very own Great Dane. And I also knew immediately that I would choose Blue (the only color my mom never had).
  And that is the story of how I ended up in Danes, all the way from childhood to present. Please feel free to contact me anytime to ask questions or to simply talk Dane.
- Jennifer, Ocean Blue Danes